Why are resumes important?

I just finished creating my resume for college admissions for an English. While there are a bunch of resume templates online, I decided to create mine from the ground up using Adobe Illustrator. The format of my resume was similar to the templates, but the main difference was the color scheme and the organization of the information. All in all, it was a fun project to do, but the question is why are resumes so important?

In my opinion, resumes provide a complete overview of yourself and it provides the necessary information about one’s background without having to say it verbally to an employer or interviewer. I remember my first resume was created from a Google Doc resume template that basically listed all my work and achievements. It did its job by landing me my first official job in my life. I did not have to say anything extra because all the background information was on that piece of paper. All I needed to do during the interview that to answer questions.

Resumes are also vital in showing your readiness and maturity. An employer would not hire you if you did not prepare yourself for an interview. On the other hand, if one prepares his or herself with everything including a good and concise resume, their chances of getting a job is much higher. The fact you can now show off your creativity and taste in a visual resume can bolster your chances of getting a major job or admission to a school.

Photo by Flazingo Photos (CC BY-SA 2.0)


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