I watched this video on wasted food in America. I can’t feel, but cringe at the fact that a good portion of America’s food ends up in the trash or drain. I feel disgraced as an American considering that good food could end up in the hands of the needy.

As the video has stated, the solution to the wasteful food problem is to fix the state laws about food expiration dates. Since the federal government does not control food expiration dates, many states have different laws and when to discard food when it is supposedly “expired.” What worries me about this solution not working. In the year 2017 of the United States, we are very sensitive about certain things, especially the numbers. When we look at social media, some people interpret things as fact and that is definitely not a good thing. Back to expiration dates, many people have the tradition of interpreting the expiration as the spoiled date on a food product. For example, my family always takes the milk box at Costco with the latest expiration date. We never take the milk with the earliest expiration date, because we have the feeling that the milk is old and is going to go bad quicker.

That is the same notion that many other Americans have. Making an expiration that is longer than what people are used to seeing, will give people a false sense of food freshness. The government or the community needs to somehow convince the majority of Americans that milk passed the expiration date is still fresh. We need to fix this false notion before the government makes a significant change to expiration date laws or else the majority of the community will have a bad reaction.

Video link: http://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/85832288-132.html

Photo by Mark Turnauckas  (CC BY 2.0)


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