The Farming Struggle in the California

There is a farming situation in California and the Trump administration has not helped the farmers at all. Wages increase and jobs are in high demand for this line of work, but nothing is paid off for the farmers themselves. They simply can’t find workers or success.

This situation is similar the problem that the tenant farmers are dealing with in Grapes of Wrath. The farmers in Grapes of Wrath had to deal with the Dust Bowl and their dying topsoil as a result of it. The tenant farmers are forced to migrate to California in the thousands. When the migrant farmers arrive in California, jobs are scarce and a hysteria implodes due to the situation.

In contrast, farmers in California today, particularly in the Stockton area, have trouble finding workers and are forced to abandon their farms. Wage increases and extra benefits don’t lure in the necessary workers to help out the farmers in the season. Paired with poor prices for their crops,makes the farming business in this area a horrible investment.

I find it very interesting how times have changed. In the 1930s, property owners kicked tenants off their land due to the land not being a worthy investment anymore and getting paid by the Agricultural Adjustment Administration to not plant more crops. The tenants, in turn, needed to migrate in order to find new jobs. However, now the property owners without any government assistance are desperate to look for laborers to work for them and now they are the ones forced to migrate to new jobs.


Photo by Stephen Drake CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


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