Is technology too much?

I had a conversation with a co-worker today about school and how my co-workers’ kids were getting pushed educationally in school at a young age. She spoke about the fact that school work nowadays are completed via the computer. I then thought to myself, the farther we advance into the future, the more we are reliant on computers. This could be bad thing in the long run.

I was born in the generation where computers took off and skyrocketed. From y2k to 2017, smartphones to social media to memes, there is a lot to like or dislike about the advancement of technology. However, what I never liked was the fact that schools are moving away from pen and paper to computers.

Elementary schools do not even teach cursive anymore, but rather typing to increase those words per minute. Reading books do not take place in written texts anymore, but rather in front of tablet or computer screen. Math and science homework are turning anyway from the pen and paper and replacing those with the keyboard and mouse. This is a problem for a student like me that is witnessing the shift first-hand.

You feel reliant on something that is prone to failure at some point. Things just feel unnatural when pixels are utilized rather than ink,. To me, pixels are anything but real, they are virtual and can be changed at time. As for ink, it’s permanent, real and physical. You’re not feeling a LCD screen, but paper. I can’t simply cannot read a book on a screen, it has to a physical book, paperback or hardcover.

You can’t replace something that is physical as a book, pen, or paper with a keyboard, mouse, and computer. The world needs to know that technology doesn’t always expand education, but cam limit it by opening doors to procrastination. A book is built only to be read and nothing else while a computer is built to do thousands of other tasks. One is setting oneself up for deviating from their objective when they have thousands of other (time-wasting) things they can do.

I am not saying that the advancement of technology needs to be halted, but what I am saying is that books, pens, and paper are here to stay and there’s no circumstance that a computer could replace all of those valuable things.

Original photo by Chris



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