Zines keep things old school

I read this article on the guardian written by Jonno Revanche explaining how zines ware very valuable. I personally think this is true and I’ll tell you why.

Zines are fine print and social media is not. There’s a big difference between pixels and ink. For one, anyone can change what pixels appear to be. They could something that is not actually what it really is, hence click bait. With a zine, one knows what is on there is what another mind is thinking. It’s built from the ground up with information, opinion, and pictures that are made with a pen and a paper. It doesn’t take very long for a reader to realize what is more credible and original than another.

Building on the fact that zines are constructed from the ground up, they are original ideas and opinions. While one can make a social media post that is also original and opinion-based, nothing can be compared to the zine. It is just superior in every way. Handwritten, effort, elaborate, detailed, and creative are all things that come to mind when it comes to zines.

The best part about this zines, Revanche says is that “…they are cheap to make and easy to make.” It doesn’t take very long for the average teenager to make a good zine. Not only that but also it moves the average teenager away from the social media world and into the realm that is fine print. Anyone can make a zine and put it into a library. It’s physical and creative, unlike social media posts.

Article: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/jan/13/i-read-zines-to-escape-surveillance-and-clickbait-its-the-new-teen-rebellion

Photo by Marceline Smith (CC BY-NC 2.0)


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