Recently, my family has enrolled in Amazon Prime. We thought the subscription was a good deal because it comes with free two-day shipping, a load of T.V. shows and movies, and unlimited music streaming. The more my family and I used the service, the more we see Amazon Prime as a marketing scheme and something with true value as a casual shopper or user.

The free shipping was a neat thing for online shoppers like my family. Amazon advertised this with emphasis and including the fact that you can get free one-day shipping, but only on qualifying products. The marketing is key here because the one-day is only specific items and only benefits people living urban areas where Amazon workers can deliver your things on the same day. Also, the free two-day shipping is limited to specific items as well and worst part, is that on some items you have to add on other random items in order to reach a certain money requirement.

As for the Prime music, I thought I could stream every piece of music for free without ads on my phone or computer. Amazon marketed this very well, by describing that you can get access to thousands upon thousands of songs. Unfortunately, I was unable to find extended plays or singles from a specific artist. This was also not a very good value for me specifically, because I always stream music on YouTube anyway, and occasionally listen  to music on my phone.

The Prime Movies and TV shows is also a gimmick as well. My dad complains that there are 10,000 movies, but there’s only a handful of them being new releases. We also don’t watch TV shows, so we automatically lost value from the Prime membership right there.

Unless, you are a power user or buy things on Amazon at a frequent rate, then the Prime membership is nothing but marketing baloney to the average person.


Photo by Aaron Gustafson (CC BY-SA 2.0)


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