Everyone makes mistakes

Allan Follow in his opinion article on Donald Trump’s spelling errors, “Spelling’s not for eveyrone, Mr. Precedent”, describes the fact that the spelling and grammar are important to everyone especially the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. While I can agree with Fallow on the fact that spelling is important even on social media to show professionalism, I think his point is taken too far. Seriously, not everyone is immune to spelling mistakes in text messages, social media posts, and even articles.

Personally, I always make mistakes when texting to friends or posting on a social media platform. The times I have corrected myself using an asterisk is literally uncountable. If a teenager like me, is blasting through the keyboard trying to get the message across, there’s obviously going to be a couple mistakes. Honestly, a 70 year old guy tweeting to the world on what he is going to do can be passable in terms of English. I can agree that professionalism is key here by having correct spelling and punctuation, but that 70 year old guy can make mistakes like a teenager like me or a person like you, Fallow. Logically, speaking, do you think he is going to double check his spelling and punctuation and hand it over to a proofreader to do the same before he Tweets something out? It’s social media platform not a speech he is going to give to the country or the world. It’s his way of connecting to the people and he tweets 24/7. The sample size is greater for a person like him to make typos.

Give the man a break. As long as he does make mistakes on official documents or speeches than everything is good. No one is going to care if he spells something wrong on a Tweet unless you are a grammar Nazi.

Original Photo by Chris Vuong


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