After going through my blog posts I’ve seen that I have deviated from the first-hand sources. For example, my first few blog posts have been about things I’ve saw such as my Computer Graphics class, Toyota Priuses, Buses, and washing machines at Best Buy. They were ideas that came up with when I saw things. My later blog posts have been things that I thought out of the bloom such as the Playstation 1, weather, and some basketball topics. I mainly used investigate and delight because I felt as though I could better analyze and explain what I am thinking or seeing.

I noticed that a lot of my posts have revolved around the sources that are around me. I’ve rarely seen based on my posts, that I wrote about something random that didn’t pertain to what I was thinking. It was stuff that had in mind and expressed in the blog posts. For example, I thought that there many Priuses on the road since it saves fuel fuel and the environment, but that notion all changed once I dug deeper and discovered that the manufacturing process that heavily pollutes the environment.

I started to notice that the last few topics have been about basketball. The reason why is because I love to play and watch basketball. This makes me motivated to write about basketball because it’s one of the few sports that I still love to watch and play today compared to other sports. The squid elements, like I’ve said, tend to be Investigate and delight mainly because I like to analyze the source and write about what I am seeing. The despise and unite categories are lacking because I always to tend to lean towards what’s comfortable with me rather than look at a source in a different perspective.

I could definitely build on my Prius post. I love cars and this post could definitely use some of that love. Being a car enthusiast, I believe that Priuses are a good option for those looking to save money on gas. However, for people that want to save the environment, they should stay away from the Prius. I hate the fact people don’t know the fact that factories build cars and that they produce a lot more pollution than just a single car. Not only that but also people tend to look at numbers such as MPG instead of looking at how its built and how it runs. These are the reasons why I wanted to expand on this post because people need to more informed about their choices especially when it comes to the environment.

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