Grades just came out for the first semester. Like always, everyone is crazy over their grades such as complementing, showing-off, or complaining. In the end, do grades grades matter in the long term?

The short and obvious answer is yes. Better grades will help one get into a better college or university which does look on oneself considering that one does to a prestigious school compared to those around them. However, does the name of a school, which one all the grinding for the grades, in in theory help out with getting a job later on?

Well, it sometimes does and sometimes doesn’t matter at all. If you were to go to school at Cal Tech or MIT, then your degree would be worth more than someone that went to Cal State. First of all, it took a hell of a lot of work just to even get into Cal Tech/MIT , and then from there, students will be studying at an accelerated pace compared to students at lower tier universities/colleges. The 4 years at the Cal Tech/MIT, a student would have much more knowledge and dug deeper into certain areas compared to other students. That’s why these students from the prestigious schools have an advantage in job apps since of their prestigious background and mentality since it’s hard to into these schools and survive in them.

However, the “sometimes it doesn’t matter all” comes into play. A good school does not make one a successful graduate or lead to a successful life. There have been many failures and dropouts that came out of elite schools. According to a Washington Post article, Frank Bruni, has stated anyone with “grit and ambition can succeed at many different types of schools.” For example, Howard Schultz got rejected by Princeton and studied at Northern Michigan University, and later becoming the CEO of Starbucks.

In the end, grades do effectively matter in the long run, but the more important thing is having the mindset and ambition to reach your personal goal no matter where you study.



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