Ted Talk- How school makes kids less intelligent?

I randomly came across this TED talk video while re watching the TED talk video about kids needing more play in there life. This TED talk struck me immediately because of the title “How school makes kids less intelligent?” In the Ted Talk there was a very young high school kid by name of Eddy Zhong. He claims himself to be a straight C student and the only Asian boy in the world that cannot understand math. He tells a secret about school making kids less intelligent and how he was able to start a business company that more successful than Harvard and Stanford business graduates despite being a mediocre student. He describes how he able to win business competitions and tried to setup a presentation at his school for his model company. However, the high schoolers at his school only dissed him and called him out, but when he did the same presentation at an elementary school, everyone was impressed and wanted to buy the prototype product. Zhong then goes to claim that education development has sucked the creativity of kids and in turn they become less intelligent over time.

I can agree with Zhong on his points and anecdotes. For example, when he described the incident at his school where his classmates called him a Mark Zuckerberg wannabe and just straight up mocked them. That is true of high schoolers nowadays where they care about how they act or look rather than what they think and do. Teenagers are scared of being a band wagoner, copycat, edgy, or a wannabe that they become uninnovative or extremely protective of themselves. However, younger kids such as the elementary school kids that Zhong presented his company were very open and interested in the invention and company itself. This demonstrates that kids at a younger are more open and less scared of the risks and the criticisms that might occur. Students are willing to do things that have proven to work rather than to prove something that’s unproven. The typical student just goes to school, get good grades, go to college, and get a good job. However, Zhong proves that stereotypical notion wrong by stating that he has his own company at age 16 featured on the Wall Street Journal while students from prestigious schools can’t even get a footing on their businesses. So, in theory the American educational system doesn’t promote creativity or intelligence, but it rather promotes a system that kids should follow. However, “should” is the key word as students just accept “should” as “always follow” which leads to the lack of skills that students retain or develop by just following the system.


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