Ted Talks- Global Play Day

On February 2nd, 2017, my school participated in the Global Play Day event. Basically, the event is a set day that is set out for play. This isn’t the normal play that we associate today such as video games, T.V., or smartphones. It is a totally old-school event where kids are allowed to play anything such as board games, sports, or competitions, but not anything with a screen.

I brought cards to play with other students and it was very fun to interact with others around you and just have a good time with good vibes. There was nothing to distract us, but the old school activities that we were participating in.

So after the play day event which unfortunately only lasted one period out of the 6 hours of the school, I was definitely impressed at the philosophy behind the event. Peter Gray, who gave a Ted lecture, mentioned that kids nowadays do not have enough play and it’s showing in the statistics. For example, the suicide rate has increased ever so slightly and the increased rate of kids developing narcissism are common problems in the young generation.  The philosophy is somewhat correct in my opinion. At least for me, I was able to have good vibes and be entertained without a screen in my face. However, the event is just a day, so if we really want to see if more play would improve kids’ attitude/behavior or grades, then the event must be implemented incrementally not just one day in a year.


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