Notes on the Upper Muddle

There were lots of interesting structure choices and anecdotes that really caught my attention to this piece. First, the writing started off with an occasion as Donald J. Trump is going to be inaugurated in the coming days. This small part gives the article its purpose and central idea to talk about, but Rosenfield quickly strays away from just talking about the subject in the following paragraph.

Rosenfield starts off the second paragraph with an anecdote about her early days and continued onto her high school years in the third paragraph. These personal experiences of hers is very useful in creating a meaningful stance on her topic. Not only that but only, the experiences were related to the middle class like me. My family doesn’t have the wealth or power to be in the upper sphere, but they do have enough to be considered the middle class. Rosenfield then continues on with more of these anecdotes that help in creating the point that the middle class is more of the muddle class.

The “muddle class” title was something that immediately caught my eye since I was perplexed as if the title was misspelled or some word I don’t know. However, it was the actual title and meaning of the whole writing itself. From my perspective, there’s a lot of people that belong in the middle class, in fact, society is like a bell curve to me. A big majority belong in the middle while few proportions belong in the lower and upper tiers of society. This majority of people belonging in the sphere creates wild diversity which generally creates a big mess like Rosenfield described. There’s people that claim they are upper middle class and others that stick to the middle class. The title “Notes on the the Upper Muddle Class” really fits the bill in terms of chaos in a class division.

Photo by Chris RubberDragon CC BY-SA 2.0


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