Balance of the NBA

With the Golden State Warriors coming off of their 73-9 season last year and with a huge upgrade at the small forward position (Kevin Durant), the look to be the clear favorites to win the title this year. I recently caught onto the news that Kyle Korver, originally of the Atlanta Hawks, was traded to the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cavaliers are the defending NBA champions looking for another title to their name.

I see as though the NBA is broken. Many teams like the Cavs or the Warriors try to acquire all the star players, leaving other teams especially developing teams a small chance to compete against the currently top teams. The salary cap allows certain teams like the Warriors or the Cavs to have enough money to get multiple superstars as in GSW’s case it’s 4. Although, the mid tier teams and low tier teams having the same amount of money to spend, star NBA players aren’t willing to join these second-class teams when well established teams offering the same amount of money and can compete for a title. It creates an imbalance in the league that’s simply not fair for other teams. Teams like the Lakers, Suns, and the 76ers are forced to draft players out of college and develop them over a couple of seasons to become a star. It takes a long time become a championship ready team or even a playoff in today’s league. For example, the Brooklyn Nets are in a horrible position as they traded away their draft pick which is most likely a 1st pick away and cannot obtain young talent to begin with. Since they have the worst record in the league and have scrappy players, no star or average player is going to sign with the them unless the Nets offer ludritve money to attract them somehow. The same goes for the Atlanta Hawks which reporters have assumed that they are starting a rebuilding project since they lost a couple key players the past off-season. Since they traded Kyle Korver to the Cavs, who is a 3pt specialist and sharpshooter, many believe that the Cavs have only got stronger despite being the best the conference already.

Many good players nowadays like Kevin Durant try to join the best team in order to win championships instead of sticking to their old team and winning one there. This mentality of the players is also a key factor in the balance of the NBA since superstars are joining teams that already have multiple superstars on them.

Photo by ben CC BY 2.0


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