I own and still have the good old Playstation 1 ever since was I kid when I got it for free from a cousin. The game console served its purpose for entertainment when I was a kid. It was able to play my favorite games such as Gran Turismo, Crash Bandicoot, and Tony Pro Skater. I provided a lot of my childhood memories up until my family bought the Wii and that also changed my life.

So what made the Playstation 1 special to me?

It was the technically (I had the Super Nintendo but had no games) the first ever console I’ve ever had that came with a good selection games. Those games happened to be very good, some games that I didn’t that I would like such as Tony Hawk ProSkater and Coolboarders (snowboarding game). The fact that the Playstation 1 did not have an automatic save functionality made it a good and bad thing. The bad thing about not having that function is that your games’ progress will not be saved and you have to start over from the beginning each time you turn off/on the console. The good thing about it is because I keeps me playing the game for a longer duration to get to a certain point. Another memorable thing about the Playstation 1 it because of the nostalgia that brings every time I see it. The wired controller, the standard 480p res, the lack of a memory card, the disk cover, and of course the games. It brings back the time when I had the most free time in the world and enjoying that free time playing the Playstation 1.


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