The Importance of Sound

I bought these Audiotechnica headphones around 2 years back and they have served all of my purposes. From watching T.V., playing music, playing video games these headphones are literally a part of my hearing sense. I am even going to say that I’m spoiled by these headphones, because any other headphones or earphones I use is inferior to this. So why am I describing why I like this these headphones.

Well it is because, I believe sound is the most important thing in all types of communication and is vital to our five senses. If you have good picture for a news broadcast, but bad sound, no one is going to watch that. This is important because sound is the source of the communication. TV wouldn’t exist without any sound and music wouldn’t even be a word. You cannot communicate a message through the media without including the actual message itself. The whole message would just be a letter or an article on a TV/monitor that everyone has to read. It becomes more of a electronic newspaper than anything else. Having the component of sound allows us to interpret the tone of the message and carefully analyze what people are saying through words not letters. If I were trying to explain that I mad to someone by writing it on a piece of paper, it would most likely not translate what I am actually feeling besides a facial expression that explains my emotion vaguely.

So in the end sound is very important our lives because it is one of the five senses and allows us to fully communicate exacting what we are feeling or what’s going on in the world.


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