Family Member Interview

I recently did a family member interview on my mom. I had 10 questions for her and the interview in total was around 4 minutes. This interview allowed to me to explore my mom’s past more.

Before this interview, I only knew about my mom up until the Fall of Vietnam in 1975 where she described that experience to me a couple years back. Other than that, I didn’t know much about my mom before that event other some small experiences she told me. I originally went in the interview thinking that she didn’t really enjoy Vietnam all that much. Well, I was wrong.

She actually responded to the childhood question, by stating that she lived a normal life like me in the United States. She didn’t have a lot of chores, went to school like any other kid, studied hard, and had a good time with friends. It was also implied that she had a pretty carefree life before the war.

This was not what I had anticipated from her response. I thought it was the opposite of what she said because of all the things going in Vietnam during the time period. However, my stated after the interview that if Vietnam had stayed a republic, then the whole family would stay in Vietnam and we wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Although this was not in the interview itself, my mom has also stated that after the Fall of Vietnam 1975, she has tried for many years to escape communism and finally did around 8 years after the event. She didn’t dislike Vietnam and would probably preferred to stay there, but she hated communism and Vietnam was the first to enact a strict Marxist communist government.

My mom’s past makes more sense to now.


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