The House on Mango Street-Alicia

I like how Cisneros included an excerpt of Alicia’s conversation with Esperanza. Alicia tells Esperanza that she needs to be grateful of her past and her old house no matter if it was bad or good because Alicia herself didn’t a have house to call home in any part of her life. Alicia goes on by urging Esperanza to respect what she she that Alicia doesn’t.

This is very vital to the ending of The House on Mango Street because Esperanza notes that “Mango Street will always be part of her and not part of her” at the same time. Esperanza explains that Mango Street is always in her heart and that all the memories within this novel are contained throughout her life. However, at the same time those memories are just memories and that she has to move on to not get held back from what she truly is.

All in all Alicia’s advice is foreshadowed by Esperanza’s thoughts at the final chapter of the novel which is a very neat way of hinting how the book is going to end.


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