Black Friday

Black Friday has pasted and I got the just half the experience on Thanksgiving night. My dad and I were just picking up a simple gardening tool and after 2 hrs we spent 150 dollars. With packed lines and everyone stacking up on deals, I wondered when this whole Black Friday start?

The whole term of “Black Friday” was coined in the 60s where it basically marked the date to stack up on Christmas shopping. The “black” name was used to state a profit while red marked a loss of money in business terms. It started predominately in Philadelphia as thousands of people clogged the streets and was also called “Black Friday” by policemen. The first ever modern Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in 1924 played a role in the shopping spree for Christmas.

The reason that Black Friday became so popular is because it was the day everyone knew to go shop. Retailers and businesses took advantage of that knowledge of that and could make big bucks attracting a lot of shoppers. One easy of doing that is by big sales. Sometimes the sales are too big and retailers lose money, but make it up by getting other people to buy other things besides the mega deal in the same store. However, the whole “waiting in line” thing was not attractive to some, so that gave birth to Cyber Monday.

Photo by Powhusku CC BY-SA 2.0



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