Vera Pavlova- “To converse with the greats”

Vera Pavlova’s “To converse with the greats,” is a very interesting poem to me. In lines 3-5, Pavlova utilizes a paradox that creates ambiguity. To become a great one must rewrite the books or build upon preexisting books.  The paradox is showing that you could change whatever the greats have already written or become a great yourself by “editing” or building upon what was already written.

I also find the poem’s interpretation to be quite fascinating as well. In my interpretation, I believe this poem means to find one’s path to achieve success. However, due to the paradox I also believe that to achieve success or to become a great, one can build upon what others have left behind. All in all, I truly think that the poem as a whole is a description/ process of achieving greatness in the world no matter what path one decides to take.


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