The Truth Behind Free Stuff

The church next to the our school recently had big event and had these wood chips laying around with nowhere to go. The church decided to give the wood chips for free and my dad and I took advantage of it because our house needed bark for our garden.

I came to realize how much I am grateful for free things. Sometimes the free things that people give out sometimes happen to be things you need.  In this case, we needed bark for our garden. Free stuff is beneficial for you and the person giving away their unwanted items. It benefits the distributors because they can get something unwanted off of their hands and the receiver can make some use of that previously unwanted. In the end, it is a win win for both sides.

However, sometimes others are discouraged by this action because it paints a frugal picture of oneself. However, people must realize that this action is helping others out by clearing up space in/on their property. One is not being a lecher when he or she takes free stuff, it is more of helping others out and getting something good in return.


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