Rebuild to make better.

I was walking home on a typical Saturday and I saw this construction building going on. The construction workers were renovating the building, making the structure better and newer than before. I came to notice that rebuilding things will make things better than the first time around.

Everyone rebuilds things such as houses, buildings, businesses, and sports teams. The purpose of rebuilding things is to start at the beginning again and build that foundation into something bigger and better than what was originally there. For example, the building that existed before the renovation started was dated and badly needed a revision in order to attract more customers. In order make the building attractive and profitable, the building must be rebuilt to fit those wants. Rebuilding or revising things will have a profound impact on the object itself because it fits the person’s interests better than before.

The same thing goes for writing. One writes a first draft and revises it to make it better. Sometimes writers do not feel satisfied with their writing, and have to start over from the beginning . Why do writers do this? For purpose of making their writing fit his or his interests and as a result the final product would be better than before.



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