When the leader is down.

During the school day this afternoon, the power went out for a few seconds. All the computers in the computer lab shut down including the server. When the iMacs started to boot back up, the login screen appears. Unfortunately, I was able to login into the desktop because the server down.

I find this event to be a classic case of being leaderless. In military terms, when the general is down, the group of soldiers will not know what to do because there is no one leading them anywhere or giving them instructions. The soldiers, as a result, would freeze up and their objectives would be halted.

The same thing goes for these Macs. Since the server is down (which is the system that all the Macs are connected to) the computers will simply not work because the central component is down and the operations of the minions-Macs-will essentially halt.

I personally find this interesting because why can’t the soldiers or computers, in this case, continue their operations? From this event, I also realized the importance of leaders of all kinds (presidents, generals, or even servers) and how they keep the everything stable and running because without any leaders the systems will seize.


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