The perks of peer editing.

Today in my Spanish class we had to write a paragraph on the person we chose for our project. After we were done with writing our paragraph, we needed to give the paper to three different people to peer edit.

I have always taken peer editing for granted because I always thought that it’s better if I find my own mistakes. However, that is not true in this case. My peers found plenty of mistakes that I made and personally, I would have not known how to correct them. Having others correcting your work, is like having different perspectives on your paper. Some might think the sentence is awkward or the paragraph needs more elaboration. One can’t catch every mistake in their paper, and that why there are many newspaper editors correcting the author’s mistakes.

So it is very beneficial to have others correct your work, even if you don’t the constructive criticism that follows. It only makes your work or writing better than it was before.


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