The tragic fate of home phones

In a world of cell phones becoming the norm, the home or landline phone is becoming more and more obsolete.

In order to have a home/landline phone in your house, you must have a service that usually costs around 30 bucks. You can’t receive text messages on it nor can you go on the internet with the 30 bucks you paid. Compared to the cell phone, there are services that cost 30 bucks and give you unlimited call, text, and data which is much better value than the landline. Also, with Facebook and Skype offering free calls and messages, the home phone’s life looks even more dim

Another disadvantage, of the home phone is that it only works at home and you cannot bring it around with unless you are at home. It is stuck wherever the service is installed. Compared, to the cell phone, you can bring that anywhere and it will still work given that there is cell phone reception at your location.

The last reason why the home phone is becoming more and more obsolete is because it’s now harder to reach the person you are calling. For example, people are not at home when you are calling to the home phone number or someone else picked up the phone-like a brother- when my is not at home. It’s easier to reach the person you are looking for directly by texting, messaging via social media, or call by cellphone.



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