I rarely see these Aston Martins in the road. Aston Martin is known by the casual person as being the choice of car for James Bond. Other than that, people don’t the same recognition for this brand compared to Lamborghini or Ferrari.

I came to love the models that Aston Martin puts out once I saw couple of them driving around in my area. The design is less polarizing than a Lamborghini or a Ferrari with their super car designs. However, Aston Martin is different. It is more elegant and has the prestigious feeling whenever it drives by.

In terms of the engine, Aston Martin really just puts an engine into their cars whether it would have 8 or 12 cylinders making around 500-600 horsepower. There isn’t a whole lot of bells and whistles, it’s just an engine without any enhancements like turbochargers or superchargers.

It also is not classified as a super-car which has ridiculous performance or options to make it faster. It is a grand touring car or a car built for the long-distance driving with the ability to achieve high speeds.

Despite all the traits the Aston Martin cars have, it’s just overlooked, like I said. People want faster cars for their money. Aston Martins weren’t built to be the fastest, they were built to drive the Pacific Coast Highway. Hence, they are slower than the competition and cost as much or if not more than the competition. People want the brands such as Lamborghini or Ferrari because they are more well-known by a wider audience compared to Aston Martin.

Nevertheless, Aston Martin still attracts to a niche audience who admire the elegance and beauty of cars.

Photo ©2016 Automotive Rhythms CC BY-ND 2.0



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