What makes fantasy basketball fun?

The NBA season is coming around and my friends and I are hitting up on fantasy basketball. I started playing fantasy basketball last year when my friend introduced me the concept and I have been addicted to it ever since. The concept is simple, draft real life players on your team and manage the team in order to get the maximum points. Its seems like a boring game, but for me and my friends it is the complete opposite. So… what makes it fun?

The fact that you dominate the game is based entirely of your management and thinking. One has to effectively pick the best and the most consistent players while adapting to the situation when a player becomes injured or there are better players  available to trade.  Sometimes you have to make hard decisions on your players or take gambles on players themselves. It’s fun to use your brain, decisiveness, and management skills to dominate others.

The other reason why this game is so addicting is the bragging rights and the attraction to the sport. “I got DeRozan and Wiggins who get amazing stats” or “Wow my player got 50 points in one game.” This kind of talk boasts the competition and victories against my friends are really rewarding. The game also gets you into the sport as well and I actually liked basketball now more than when I actually played basketball on a team my self.


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