Still popular?

I see this buses all the time in my area. Some buses are actually filled with people while some buses are not so full. The question I ask is, “Are more so-called environmentally friendly cars overshadowing buses?” With emerging fully electric car offerings from companies such as Tesla, BMW, and Chevy, people are more attracted to these options. First of all, the electric cars are now relatively inexpensive and are inexpensive to own throughout the years of ownership. These cars also “save the environment” (in reality they don’t due to the battery manufacturing process and battery disposal) and get to point A to point B much faster than public transportation. In the end, electric cars are superior to buses in practicality, but I don’t think they necessarily overshadow public transportation. Owning any car is expensive for anyone with a low income and buses remain a viable option for those lacking in income. Also, public transportation thrives in densely populated areas where parking is expensive and scarce as evidenced in NYC. Tell me what you think about the status of buses and transportation in general in a world of electric cars and hybrids.


Photo 2016 Paul Sullivan CC BY-ND 2.0


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