Are they really green?

Everyday I see many of these Toyota Prii (Prius) on the road. The reason why they are so popular among consumers is the fact that they save gas, therefore, saving the environment and lots of money. However, this stereotypical notion that a Prius is a “green” or “environmentally friendly” car has an interesting paradox. The Prius is actually more generates more pollution than any other car. How so? The production process. The way the batteries are produced for the car generates as much pollution as a coal mine. Adding on, the components of the hybrid engine are shipped back and forth across the Pacific.  Realistically, Prius cars damage the environment more than a Hummer with thousands of miles on it before it even hits the road. Yet people still buy them, thinking that it’s good for the environment. Yes will be getting your 50 MPG which saves gas, but that only holds true if the manufacturing process changes. Do people just overlook where things come from? Because it’s weird that a truck is better for Earth than a Prius.


Photo ©2016 Julien_e CC BY-SA 2.0


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